Everything Everywhere All At All Movie Has Grossed More Than 100 Million Worldwide

Everyone everywhere talking about “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.the new block bluster by A24 release on March 25 ,2022. This movie is highest grossing movie in A24 films. This film budget is just $25 million and yet you can see everything like action, drama, comedy, this is a main reason this film earn a $100.8 million. In this 100.8 million earning $68 million massive earning come from only usa and othe $31.1million from other country.

This sci-fi movie written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert and produce with Russo brother and give a distributor right to A24 films.

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Everything Everywhere All At All Movie Has Grossed More Than 100 Million Worldwide

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a fresh multiverse movie yes it’s multiverse like a Marvel but this movie is fresh contain and here no fransies intertion it is just fresh and unique movie by Daniel writer.

Michelle Yeoh is main starcast of this film, she play a role of one middle age Chinese American women role who own one struggling laundromat with her husband.the other costar is her husband, her daughter and other are Stephanie Hsu,Ke Huy Quan and other play miraculous role.

Michelle Yeoh play role as Evelyn Wang, who run her struggling business and audited by the IRS. The story of film take turn when Evelyn Wang find that she can connect with universe versions of herself to prevent cataclysmic destruction. She can learn everything about parralel universe Wang ,she can learn about fight, knowledge and othe stuff. In this movie we can see a so many comedy seen like hot dog for fingers and other family stuff. With the comedy we also see a so many action seen of Evelyn Wang. That fight scen are so dramatic and highly VFX use scen so you can feel like a real and intresting.

Rotton tommato user gave a97% avarage review to this film and CNN news writer write ” the mind-bending metaverse movie you didn’t know you needed.”

Daniel had delivered one of the most excited movie in his life, Everything Everywhere is more interested because of their character and Russo brothers complete their starcast perfectly.

“Everything Everywhere” is also released on online platform like pay-per-view, Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX, Disney+, Apple tv, and other platforms. You can purchase “Everything Everywhere” in amezon prime at just $6 fees.

At my opinion”Everything Everywhere” is a movie which everyone watch everywhere or some one watch it everytime movie.

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