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Moonage Daydream is a not a traditional biopic but it is a documentary of David Bowie’s life and it is collected and narriting by David himself.It is collection of never-before-seen archival footage to take audiences on a journey through his awe-inspiring life and career.

Moonage Daydream is directed by Brett Morgan and he is also a producer and editor of this film. It is a documentary film so as a cast you can see David Bowie. This film is funded by various production companies like live nation production, HBO documation film, BMG, Public road prods and Neon is a distributor company.

Moonage Daydream Movie Review

David Bowie is a one of the most successful singer-songwriter and actore. He is the most influential singer in 20th century. David Bowie is one the best selling- musicians of of time, During his lifetime, his record sales, estimated at over 100 million records worldwide.

Bretty Morgan is a very good director in documentary film because he not just show some past footage and say what happened that time he know how to present a one documentry film to audience. documentry teach us lesson about legend life how he make his decision and which path he walk. Audience seen it before in jane Goodall documentry film it is one of the best documentry in this decade, additionally Morgan shaping that footage in such a unique, captivating, inspiring way, So hope this will be a great as privious one.

In the interview of Brett Morgan he spoke about this film and he told ” in the entire movie there is only one voice Bowie’s and those interviewing him in televised segments. And there is some famous music like “let’s dance” it gave a wings for a audiences but later he say that he is not any interest in music but he is interested in David’s life story how he take the decision, what his mind focusing on, how he think for his passion or othe things.”

Morgan direct Moonage Daydream in the way how David want to say about his life journey, how come a long on his feet, what happened in his life and a story of his heart attack. What David think about his first heart attack and what reason behind them.

This film is just 140 minutes long however it is not a long enough to describe the life of some one. In this argue Brett Morgan say that “he never think about the length of because this film is more than experience because it is a teaching tool approach of the standard music doc. Later he said often he lost in bowie’s music and he like to lost in his music. And he understands bowie’s angel.

This film is just 140 minutes long however it is not a long enough to describe the life of some one. In this argue Brett Morgan say that “he can hope that this documentary gave a positive vibes for audience and Morgan point his view and thought perfectly so spectors enjoy it as well as David Bowie’s music.

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