Oppo K10 India’s New Smart 5G Mobile Phone With Unique Features.

Oppo launch it’s K series in india.over the year oppo launch k series phone in China.this series phone is under a decent budget. Oppo launch their oppo K10 in india with the 14,990 starting price tag. This phone is come with triple rear camera and 16 MP  selfi camera.K10 is less with a great combination of style and features. It’s come with large battery backup and fast charging system.

Design of Oppo K10

This time oppo come with a different design.it has a two different surface at a top and bottom. This design name is oppo glow. The smooth texture of the back resists fingerprints very well and oppo claim that this smooth texture didn’t leave any mark of scratching. OPPO K10  design with two bold colour.

Oppo K10 Design

1) blue (A shiny blue and silver gradient that glitters brightly like a blue flame)

2) black (Dark and smooth like the finish on a luxury sports car)

This 191gm phone looking beautiful and exllent with new design .

Procceser Of Oppo K10

This is a 4G phone. OPPO use Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 for K10 mobile. Hereyhis a one decent performance procceser but at this price it is a great. Here you oppo provide a octacore processer with 2.4 GHz clock speed.This phone is come out box with Android 11 and it is upadated in ColorOS 11.1 , this is based on Android 11.

Procceser Of Oppo K10

OPPO didn’t announced any android 12 upadate for this phone . Oppo claim that 680 cpu is improve charging system and 20 % battery performance. Oppo provide a 2.4 GHz CPU Clock speed for your batter experience in gaming and multi tasking. When you play a online game like bgmi, cod, free fire etc it’s not lage or frame drop issue. Here you can’t play in a advance graphic but you play in a smooth graphic in bgmi and very High in call of duty.

AI Triple Main Camera & Al Selfi camera In Oppo K10

We know that oppo is provide a good camera in every smart phone. Here oppo provide a triple rear camera. 50 MP main camera (27mm wide), 2mp micro and 2 mp depth camera. Here wide angle camera is missing I think they provide it but you can’t get everything in one decent budget. You can capture your good moment in detail. OPPO K10’s AI-enhanced cameras make taking colorful, eye-catching photos a lot more fun.

Al Selfi camera

Oppo give you a lot of features for photography as always here you get some features like.  AI NIGHT FLARE PORTRAITS, AI NATURAL RETOUCHING , AI PALETTE, NIGHT MODE, PANORAMA.

Here all this feature is make your pictures awesome and realistic. You can take a good picture at day light but in a low light camera didn’t work well as day light, here photo is good but just detail is weak and objects lacked good definition. Also camera haven’t any wide angle. After all this good camera and features for your memory.

AI Triple Main Camera

 Here 16 MP selfi camera is perfect for your Selfie and also it’s features make your Selfie good.Use AI Night Flare Portraits to add fun lens flare and bokeh effects to your nighttime portrait shots, with adjustable brightness and focus that make your photos look like they came from a DSLR camera. Al natural retouching Make your selfies sparkle. Snap crystal-clear selfies with the 16MP AI Selfie Camera and show world  your good side.

Battery and charging system 

 Company give 5000 MAH large battery backup and 33W super wook charging system. Oppo claim that that charging system when you charge phone for 5 minutes it’s last long 3.38 hours for calls, 58 min for whatsapp chat and 1.38 hour for YouTube play back.

Here company have some features like Super nighttime standby, AI OptimizedOvernight Charging,Super Power Saving Mode,Charging Port Protection.  This all features for charging system. 100% charging done in under 1 hours with wook charger. When charging is 100% it’s last long in 10 hours of audio playback and 30 minutes of video streaming.

Display Of Oppo K10

 6.59 inches punch hole display provide by company in this phone. This display is provide FHD+ LCD display. 1080 x 2412 pixels resolution with 401ppi density. Here you can get two refresh rate option and company provide 90Hz display so  all your taps and swipes are silky smooth and effortless.

90Hz Colour-Rich Display
Display Of Oppo K10

Display  is also good in sun light here you can use phone in sunlight. Display is come with brighter colors, clearer images, and an uninterrupted view courtesy of the front camera’s punch-hole design. You like 90Hz Color-rich Display when you do streaming, check photo gallery, YouTube video and also when you play gaming.

Storage In Oppo K10

 Company gave two options in storage status.here they didn’t provide 4GB RAM phone.

Phone come with 6GB RAM & 128 GB internal storage or 8 GB RAM & 128 GB ROM. You also can add external storage by memory card and this phone also support USB OTG. Here you can also get one amezing and new feature in storage, here phone automatically converts internal storage into temporary RAM (up to 5GB extra) to ensure its performance stays fast and fluid”it’s called EXPANDABLE RAM”.  

Unlocking system With Oppo K10

 OPPO K10 have  fast and responsive fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone,so you can unlock your phone quickly and you have no more issues for password remember. This phone also have a face unlock system.

Sound system

 OPPO provide double stereo speakers in this phone.also they provide 3.5 mm audio jack for handset so you can get a excellent experience of music and gaming sound. Also K10 have a blutooth connection so you can use a wireless audio gadget.

Gaming performance

Oppo K10 provide a game space so you can play with no distractions and steady fps.here display is 90 Hz refresh rate with LCD display so you can play with good graphics.

Oppo provide a better speakers, better mics, and optimized gaming to keep dull moments at a distance. Stereo speakers is gave a quality audio for your gaming so you can find your target easily in shooting games.

Here you can play a bgmi in smooth and HD graphics, call of duty in high graphic. While you playing game it smooth like butter.

Other features Of Oppo K10

 Oppo K10 is low budget and highly features phone.

Oppo claim that this phone is work in High and low temperature.

IP5X Dustproof Rating for protect your phone from dust.

Black carbon
Other features Of Oppo K10

This phone have a good wi fi connection. 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standard for wifi connection.

Gps support.

Both sim slot support 4G connection.

Some weakness of K10

 1) K10 haven’t any ultra wide angle camera

2) weak video recording performance by camera they provide only 1080p

3) here they didn’t provide android 12 but they give a update soon.

 Why K10 is worth for your money

1) good built quality

2) 90Hz LCD display

3) 5000 MAh large battery

4) stereo speaker system

5) ip54 rated in decent price

6) expandable ram system to boost your phone.

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