Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Explained

Flip and fold is a nee technology in smart phone technology, samsung introduce this technology early with  customer and it come to positive reply so Samsung launch a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phone.  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is launch in a law price range compare to other flip phone, you can purchase this phone in under 70,000 and In addition to a lower price tag, the Flip3 comes with some meaningful improvements over the previous flip smart phone, this flip smart phone price is comparable with other  flag ship  phone. Flip 3 is second phone in their series,  the original Flip and the chipset refresh that was the Flip 5G almost making the 3 in the new model’s name make it suitable for new model.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G have a high-refresh rate 120 Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and it come with Snapdragon 888  powerfull chipset. 3300 MAH  small battery backup come with 15 W charger in box and 10w fast wireless charging system also provide by company . Samsung upgrade flip phone rating and gave a ipx8 rating for a water resistant, here you can get a 256 GB internal storage and also you can get a 128 GB varient so it help the price tag.  

A Cream Galaxy Flip3 is placed on the screen with it's front screen opened in a 90 degree angle, behind the device on the right there is a folded Cream Galaxy Flip3 showing it's rear camera.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Galaxy Z Flip3 come  in a two-tone gray box, phone is half in height so you know nothing much inside the box. Here you can find a  flip phone at a top and other accessories is under it, Under the phone , there’s a paper sleeve that holds a USB-C cable and SIM ejection pin, and that’s it.

  You can purchase a charger from a Shop or you can pre order it because they did not gave a charger.

Design of samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

The dimension of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 are similar to previous flip phone like 166 mm highet, 72.2 mm width and 6.9 mm thickness and 183 grams light weight. They do some change in making material oaf phone, The outer aluminium frame now upgrade by  a matte finish, which looks really nice but makes the body very slippery. Here company says that it’s the strongest aluminum material used in a smartphone and they also add that they develop this Armor alluminium to be more harder and durable so it is less likely to deform or scratches due to external shock, and also they speak about ipx8 rating that samsung flip 3 and flod 3 are the first foldebale phone who carry a ipx8 rating. It protect your phone from water, unfortunately you can save your phone from dust because it is not dust resistance. In a foldable phone it is hard to make it water resistant because the two halves housing the sensitive electronics are water-tight with sealed openings for the wiring.

A Phantom Black Galaxy Flip3 is placed on the screen with it's front screen opened in a 90 degree angle, behind the device on the right there is a folded Phantom Black Galaxy Flip3 showing it's rear camera.
Design of samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

 Samsung provide a another display at back, it now 1.9 inches (up from 1.1 inches) and has a higher resolution. It’s also a lot more responsive, but its functionality is still limited, which we’ll get into a bit later. This screen is  new  display is placed in a black strip up top, together with the two cameras. Here flash is doens’t match properly with those design in my opinion. Samsung covered this display with a dark black colour and both two camera envoling in dark black colour. Back of this phone you get a two colour like The other half of the top panel and the entire bottom panel are of a different colour, depending on which colour combination you choose.

A folded Cream Galaxy Flip3 is placed upright on the screen with it's corner touching the ground.

Display of samsung galaxy Z Flip3 is folds in the middle and in the middle you can see a crease it is not visible perticular but you can feel feel when you run your finger up and down there. You can feel it on regular uses but I think you not feel that because we all scroll display from the bottom of screen And even if you do feel the crease, it’s very likely that you’ll simply start ignoring the sensation a couple of weeks into using the Flip3 and enjoy the Flip3 screen. Flip3 is taller phone in entire samsung phone even it is taller than s21+ ultra so you can not feel any crease in display. It is taller phone so you should use this phone with two hands to avoid a damage and scratches on phone. When you use that phone it looking sexier even in flip position and this phone is special making for style.

AMOLED 2X display of samsung galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung is always perfect at their display and they never dispointed their customer in display and camera. Here samsung come with The foldable 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and this display support 1080x2640px resolution with 425ppi density and 22:9 aspect ratio . Flip 3 phone is more brighter than their previous version. We can use 935 nits bright ness and under direct sun light it is a 1000, it is good as compared to previous phone. This display is also support HDR10+ , and we got HDR streams in popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, hotstar and YouTube.

 Samsung is a great in colour contrast and here you are satisfied with their colour contrast, company gave a two modes vivid mode and a natural. Here vivid mode is being default and you get here advance setting button so you can change it according to your use.  Vivid mode supports a wide color Gamut.  natural mode is very accurate for displaying sRGB content.

A top angular view of 3 Cream Galaxy Flip3 are placed at a 45 degree angle, from the left to right an opened device, a 90 degree folded device and a folded device is placed.
AMOLED 2X display of samsung galaxy Z Flip3

Flip 3 is support 120 Hz display refresh rate. So it is very smooth in use. Here you get two option for screen refresh rate. Here standard and adaptive are two options for screen refresh rate, this option looking cool compare to simply Change between 120 and 60 Hz. So here you can change refresh rate According to your uses and battery life. In video streaming refresh rate is 48Hz, 60Hz, and 120Hz refresh rate, depending on the content. 48Hz for 24fps, 60Hz for 30fps and 60fps, and 120Hz for HDR content regardless of frame rate.

 Now it’s turn to talk about another display. This flip phone have a large back display According to previous one. Back display size is 1.9 inch.  It is OLED as well – Super AMOLED and 260x512px resolution with 302ppi. This display is not very functional but here you can capture a selfi with main camera by this display. Phone can’t control a bright ness of this back display so it is just difficult at night to use it.

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